Rashieda Timpson



The Time is Now to Present to you the….Walking in Greatness Empowerment Tour 2020

You ARE Predestined for GREATNESS!

Have you ever wondered if your life was meant to be more than what it is right now? Have you ever had this unshakeable feeling that you were meant to do something great or that it is time to move to another level in your life? Rashieda F. Timpson answers these questions and let destiny walkers know that all the negative things that has happened in their life are just a plot of the enemy to try to stop them from discovering their God-given purpose. She believes that every person was created with purpose on purpose and that there is greatness locked inside of him or her waiting to be unleashed! Here is what to expect in this free life changing 1 day empowerment seminar/conference…

The time is NOW for you to live your dreams and stop just dreaming them! 2020 is your year to be confidence and create a plan to walk in the greatness that has already been prepared for you!

Coming to a city near you!

If you want to be apart of this life changing event please contact us via email and we will send you updates on location, dates, and times.

Blessings and hope to see you there!